Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Become Famous on Club Penguin

Update: New items will be added to the Treasure Book on Friday! New items will be added, and the old ones will still be available.

Well, recently a lot of penguins have been asking me about this, so I’ve decided to answer the question. Becoming a famous penguin or a penguin that is well known on club penguin is a lot more difficult than it sounds. It may take a long time to become famous, but don’t give up on your journey. Famous penguins receive large crowds on club penguin and often have a lot of fans. Below are some of the best tips to gain fame and how to do it as fast as possible.

Basic Tips on Club Penguin to Become Famous

1. If you have rare items, or pins I suggest to wear them. Some people admire rare penguins like the one below.


2. Have parties on club penguin. People begin to know you from your parties. Make sure your igloo is nice, so people come back.


3. Do not beg other penguins to be buddies, ask where pins and items are. If you need help just check this site or other ones.

Options to use to Become Famous On Club Penguin

There are many options which can be used to become famous on club penguin, but there are three main ones which have been proven successful.

1. Create a Club Penguin Cheats Blog. Millions of penguins search the web looking for club penguin cheats and more.

2. Work on or make your own Club Penguin Forum. Penguins come back a lot and often post there. They will remember you.

3. Sign up for a video making website such as Youtube. These websites are very popular and can get you famous fast.

Club Penguin Cheats Blogging Tips

Creating and managing a club penguin blog is a very difficult thing to do, but it is definitely the most effective way to gain popularity on club penguin. There are many ways to increase your website’s popularity, but it will take a lot of work. At first, traffic will be very slow, but as time goes by it will start to increase. This in my opinion is the best way to become famous. Here are some tips to gain more traffic for your club penguin blog.

1. Keep your site updated with current club penguin cheats. People will come back to look for the newest cheats.

2. Link to other sites by using blogroll. Ask blog owners if they will add you to their blogroll. Tell them you will add them to yours.

3. Post comments on other blogs. People will see your name and start to appreciate your comments. Be nice i your comments though.

4. Use 1-8 tags per post. This will allow you to be in search engines. Use tags like club penguin, and club penguin cheats.

Club Penguin Forum Tips

Managing a club penguin forum is hard work, but it can help a lot if you want to become a famous penguin. Forums, like club penguin blogs will start out slow in traffic. Soon visitors and members of your forum will return and post daily. They will recommend the forum to their friends and their friends will join. Soon your forum will be a huge hit and tons of penguins will come to post their ideas. Here are some tips on managing a club penguin forum.

1. Hire reliable, and hardworking people to work on the forum. Be careful with which penguins you have run the forum.

2. Link to other forums. These forums will link to you back, and then your site will gain new members who will make posts.

3. Create or have a friend make a design that will excite people. Design of a forum leaves a huge impression on the visitor.

4. Make registration to the forum very simple. No one wants to spend a long time looking to register. You will lose members if it’s too hard.

Club Penguin Video Producing Tips

Working on and making club penguin videos is a very stressful and time consuming thing to do. Unlike club penguin blogs, and club penguin forums videos can gain a ton of views fast. However, if you do not have much skill at producing videos, it is very hard to gain views for making them. Even though it’s a stressful way to become famous, it is very successful. I’d suggest making music videos or club penguin cheats videos. Here are some tips on video producing.

1. Make as many videos as possible. This will get more video and channel views. Views determine your fame in most cases.

2. Use fancy video editing programs to get exciting transitions and effects. These make the videos more attractive to the viewer.

3. Try to gain subscribers by making unique videos. Subscribers will come back again and again and watch all your videos.

4. Describe your videos by using the description of the video feature and the tags feature. It will help people find your videos with search engines.

Remember, that nothing is done without hard work. Becoming famous on club penguin is almost impossible unless you work hard. Famous penguins will receive huge crowds of penguins on club penguin almost everywhere they go. Try making a club penguin blog, club penguin forum, or club penguin videos to gain fame. Almost all famous penguins have used one of those methods to become popular. Post a comment with your suggestions on how to become famous and if this helped.

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